This truck has got to be special

I designed the illustrations for ‘This truck has Got to be special’. Special care had to be taken to make sure that the illustrations don’t undermine the work of the truck artists themselves – since the subject of the book was truck art. The project took almost two and a half years to complete from the first meeting till the finished book landed in my studio.


A note from the publishers, Tara Books: ‘This book is a tribute to a very special form of popular art: the imagination, artisanship, design and labour that goes into decorating trucks in Pakistan. The making of this book was an ambitious project, involving a five-cornered conversation between us (Tara Books, publisher), the author Anjum Rana (who works with the truck artists Hakeem Nawaz and Amer Khan), the Mumbai-based artist and designer Sameer Kulavoor, and graphic designer Rathna Ramanathan, who lives in London.’