This is not a still life

‘THIS IS NOT A STILL LIFE is a series of works that talk about rapid vertical urban development and change by looking at commonly seen street-side temporary arrangements of objects. These objects have not been placed into a specific arrangement for the purpose of painting (like traditional still lives) but were chanced upon, documented, studied and painted in detail. The verticality, structure and colour palette of these arrangements bears a resemblance to the bustling nature of a metropolis – when looked at through a wider lens and juxtaposed with the common man/woman. The temporary nature of these arrangements is also a metaphor for the ever-changing dynamic nature of the urban landscape.


These works were shown at the TARQ booth, India Art Fair 2020


A printed version of the same works were used for the facade design of the India Art Fair 2020.  This was made possible thanks to the team at St+Art India and India Art Fair.