For The Show Windows, Coventry

Medium: Archival paper and Brass sheets.


Emergence was created for ‘The Show Windows’ project in collaboration with SqW:Lab. The hopeful window celebrates the theme of Coventry in the world and its revival after the Second World War. This optimistic series of semi-representational artworks literally sees the spirit of the city popping up and emerging from the flat paper surface, much like the city’s reinvention, resurrection and evolution since 1940. This work is exhibited upon glowing brass referring to Coventry’s illumination by its foundations, a phoenix from the flames, lit up by those who built it and could see its (creative) potential.

The work celebrates the diversity and vibrancy of the city, its people, community and its architecture (from Tudors to the Butalists to now) and how everything came together for Coventry’s ‘UK City of Culture year’ in 2021, to shape the city for tomorrow.

This project was curated by Charlie Levine. Installation images seen here by Theo Deproost.

Thank you SqW:Lab & TARQ


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