Parfum Sassoon

Parfum Sassoon was conceptualised for the Sassoon Dock Art Project,  a public art festival organised by St+Art India, held at an industrial shed at one of the oldest docks in Southern Mumbai. Primarily a fishing port, the intense stench it emanates is an integral part of the area’s unique atmosphere and experience. As an ironic commentary on consumerism, this distinct feature of Sassoon Dock was packaged as an imaginary luxury perfume brand called Parfum Sassoon, and an experience of a high end showroom was fabricated. The installation included two larger than life display boxes and a brand mural. Single-colour, screen printed packaging boxes of Parfum Sassoon (2 fragrances) were offered as takeaways for the audience.


Support Team: Zeenat, Ashutosh, Nargis, Dnyanesh, Tanaya, Ravi and St+Art team

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