Parfum Sassoon

St+Art Mumbai 2017 was held at the historic Sassoon Docks in Mumbai. The first thing that hits you as you enter the fishing dock is the smell/stench of the area. I packaged this distinct feature of Sassoon Dock as an imaginary premium perfume brand called Parfum Sassoon and fabricated an experience of being in a showroom that displays and sells the exclusive product. The showroom included two larger than life display boxes and a brand mural. Also designed single colour screen printed packaging boxes of Parfum Sassoon (2 fragrances) with some ‘important fine text’. The boxes were takeaways for the audience.


St+Art India curators note:

Taking from his background (design and advertising in the initial years of his career) and the distinct smell of Sassoon Dock, Indian multimedia artist, Sameer Kulavoor experiments with a large scale art installation and delivers an ironic commentary on consumerism for the #SassoonDockArtProject

Support Team: Zeenat, Ashutosh, Nargis, Dnyanesh, Tanaya, Ravi and St+Art team