KalaGhoda Musings

An ornate gothic street lamp, art spilling onto pavements, an arch of a colonial era building, ‘cutting’ chai, heavily guarded naval posts, ‘jumbo-glass’ sugarcane juice, overloaded parking lots, an Irani chair, street-side music makers, art deco motifs engraved in stone, a smelly fish market, water-pumps hand-painted signages, haphazard extensions to buildings, small businesses, fashion boutiques, the stock exchange, big businesses, narrow ‘arty’ lanes, discreet bookshops, a stimulating conversation over coffee, heated debates over surmai tawa fry, bonding over beer, hordes of lawyers, tourists, wanderers, explorers, horses… layers of history… Kalaghoda is one of the most diverse, fascinating and now gentrified places in Bombay, full of interesting juxtapositions.

‘Kalaghoda musings’ is a tribute in graphite to this beautiful microcosm.

Original Drawing – Graphite on paper | Print – 13″ x 38″ Offset Lithography. Limited Edition print of only 300 prints. Each personally signed and numbered.

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