High Five! / Artisans

For Artisans’, Kalaghoda

At a time when technologies vie to replace humans with bots and artificial intelligence, we are aware of an acute need to celebrate the hand-made, and the power we hold within our hands. This is a counterpoint to consumerism, and standardized, globalized mass production. There is a resurgence of the homemade, artisanal and DIY lifestyle. The act of creating with our own hands is deeply human. In India the strategic advantage of our craft skills, and the need to value, preserve and nurture local culture is obvoius. ‘High Five!’ celebrates this uprising.

Support team: Zeenat, Prince, Ashutosh and Dnyanesh.

All photographs below have been taken by the Bombay Film Factory team (except wherever mentioned) during the making of this mural at ARTISANS’ in KalaGhoda.

Photograph by Jimeet Pawaskar

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