When LOKAL Helsinki invited me to be a part of the India exhibit themed ‘Faith’, I chose to draw these day-to-day scenes which may seem very mundane. But each of these fifteen drawings touch upon details that reflect the sentiment of undying that faith we have in ourselves.

Globalisation began after the government introduced reforms in the early nineties in India, and there was a sudden boom all over – not just in Mumbai. The landscape changed rapidly, almost overnight. These changes created a lot of visual contrast and chaos.
Today, you’ll find an European automobile showroom next to a slum. You’ll see handpainted signages of the local barber next to fancy back-lit printed signboards of an international clothing brand outlet. You’ll find affluent people stopping by a roadside chai-wallah for a glass of tea… or for a smoke around the corner.. women creating quilts on the footpath out of used sarees.. an overloaded hand-cart being pulled by men.. old dilapidated architecture next to sprawling Tech Parks.. There’s so much going on around us all the time. Some would wonder how Mumbai(/India) still works despite all the chaos and contrast. I personally feel that it is all a matter of FAITH. We believe everything will be OK. We are resilient and we are optimistic.



Fifteen framed original drawings.

Medium: Solid marker and graphite on 12inch X 12 inch

180gsm Clairefontaine acid-free paper.

Exhibited at LOKAL in Helsinki, Nov 2015.


AVAILABLE. Price on request.